Recipe: Mediterranean Orzo Salad

Can you believe it’s officially Autumn / Fall?  Last weekend, it was incredibly hot and humid and now all I see are rain clouds.  I was left to my own devices that hot weekend and thus left to fend cook for myself.   Looking at what I had around the kitchen, I had the brilliant idea that I wanted an Orzo pasta salad.  That being said, I had what looked to be ingredients to make a Greek Salad in my possession.  And thus, the recipe for my own Mediterranean Orzo Salad was born!

Greek Salad Dressing Ingredients

Please feel free to adjust contents of the dressing or salad as you see fit.  However, this dish was an absolute hit at work and at home.  I always think it’s best to adjust recipes to taste.  If you don’t like something or would rather add more of something, do it! Make it your own.

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