Eats: The Ramen Butcher

Given the growing popularity of Ramen in the Lower Mainland, it’s no surprise that there is yet another one to bring their version of authentic Japanese noodles to Vancouver.  The Ramen Butcher is located on the edge of Chinatown on East Georgia.  This little ramen shop boasts a nice little menu. Open for lunch and dinner, their small menu is geared towards letting their star dish, tonkotsu ramen, be, well a star!

Ramen ButcherRamen Butcher CoverRamen Butcher Decor

The menu features seven times of ramen (moslty being named by colour), and four variations of gyoza.  Note that their menu is currently expanding.  They also offer kaedama – which is an extra serving of noodles only.  That means if you still have broth left and you’re still hungry, load up on another serving of noodles for free! Continue reading


Eats: The Fish Shack

Have I ever told you that I have a thing for oysters?  Raw oysters are even better.  I could eat two dozen raw oysters by myself and still feel amazing – and be the happy as a clam.  (I really should not make seafood jokes…).  The only thing I dislike about oysters would be the price.  Regular price oysters cost around $3 a pop – and with my oyster eating habits, that is nothing to scoff at.


Enter The Fish Shack on Granville.  Fish Shack is one of many restaurants that are a part of the Glowbal Group. (For you non-Vancouverites, this is a umbrella company that owns several restaurants.  Not to be mistaken for a chain of restaurants or franchise.)  Fish Shack has this amazing deal called a ‘buck-a-shuck’, which happens every day from open until 6pm.  However, we Vancouverites need to remember that there is also Happy Hour from 3 – 6pm, which means discounted appys and drinks.  This is a seafood lovers paradise. Continue reading

Eats: Aki Sushi

I love sushi.  It’s a bit of a problem. It is definitely my favourite food.  I was in heaven when I went to Japan last year and ate sushi at every given chance.  Coming back to Vancouver put me into withdrawal. Vancouver has fantastic sushi.  In comparison to what I experienced in Japan, it is pretty close.  Luckily enough while I was recovering from jet lag and sushi withdrawal, I stumbled upon this gem of a sushi restaurant in Downtown Vancouver.

Aki Sushi is located on West Pender Street between Jervis and Broughton.  It’s an average sized restaurant with a simple layout, including a sushi bar.  The restaurant itself is clean and the staff are friendly.

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Eats: Xi Shi Lounge in the Shangri-La (Chinese Afternoon Tea)


If you’re familiar with downtown Vancouver, you’ve probably noticed the 62-storey  building located just off of Robson Street – aka the tallest building in Vancouver.  For those who aren’t, that tall glass building is the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver.  It’s elegant ambiance is enhanced by a restaurant (Market by Jean-Georges) and  Xi Shi Lounge, located in the lobby.


Xi Shi Lounge is popular for its afternoon tea and evening cocktails.  However, of all the times I’ve been to the Shangri-La or the Market, I’ve never seen the lounge this busy.  As a part of dine-out Vancouver, Xi Sha is hosting Chinese Afternoon Tea.  For $38, dinners are treated a choice of tea as well as selection of savoury items and pastries.  The tea service includes loose-leaf tea or you can opt for premium Chinese blossoming tea for an additional $5 per person. (Or treat yourself to some sparkling wine Blue Mountain Brut should you so choose for $11 or a glass of champagne for $29.)

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Eats: Street Food City

This past Saturday, January 25th, I ventured to downtown Vancouver to join in the hundreds who lined up to enjoy some of Vancouver’s best food trucks at “Street Food City“.  Hosted by Dine Out Vancouver, Street Food City was a collection of Vancouver food trucks gathered outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Some of my favourites like JJ’s Trucketeria and The Juice Truck were there, along with others like The Reel Mac & Cheese, Mom’s Grilled Cheese, The Chilli Tank, Vij’s express and many more.

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