Recipe: Simply Summer Ceviche

Nothing screams summer (food wise) more to me than a fresh ceviche.  If you don’t know what ceviche is, it’s a light refreshing dish of fish (or seafood) marinated in citrus juice and is perfect for summer months.  It’s light and bright tasting.  An added bonus is that it requires absolutely no heat to cook, so no worrying about ovens or stove tops.  All you need is your fridge!Simple Summer Ceviche

On another bonus, it’s actually really easy to prepare.  However, if you’re making this at home, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind.  Be sure to always use the freshest fish possible. Also, it’s all about the ‘marinating process’ – which is a bit like pickling when you think about it.

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Recipe: Lemon Bars (2 ways)

I cannot begin to explain how much I love citrus.  Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit… In general, the smell of citrus lifts my mood and just smells wonderful to me.  The taste – well I love the freshness and the crispness it brings to any recipe.  That being said, we’re having mini bake sales at work for charity and I thought of lemon bars / squares.  I needed a quick, easy, and yet delicious recipe that I could whip together at night and easily cart to work the next day.

Let it be known that I am clumsy and tend to walk into walls and drop things – so I have a Lemon Bar recipe today: done 2 ways.  The first method is for a firmer lemon layer while the other is for more of a creamy, lemon curd layer.  Both are delicious and easy to make, just slightly different from each other.

Lemon Bars in pan
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Recipe: Mediterranean Orzo Salad

Can you believe it’s officially Autumn / Fall?  Last weekend, it was incredibly hot and humid and now all I see are rain clouds.  I was left to my own devices that hot weekend and thus left to fend cook for myself.   Looking at what I had around the kitchen, I had the brilliant idea that I wanted an Orzo pasta salad.  That being said, I had what looked to be ingredients to make a Greek Salad in my possession.  And thus, the recipe for my own Mediterranean Orzo Salad was born!

Greek Salad Dressing Ingredients

Please feel free to adjust contents of the dressing or salad as you see fit.  However, this dish was an absolute hit at work and at home.  I always think it’s best to adjust recipes to taste.  If you don’t like something or would rather add more of something, do it! Make it your own.

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Recipe: Tuna Cake Patties (Clean Eating)

With a month and a half before Christmas, it seems to be a ‘thing’ to go on a month long diet.  That being said, it fascinates me how much those around you influence your actions.  One of my coworkers has recently embarked on a “whole 30” way of eating – ie she is determined to eat clean until the end of the month.  What does that mean?  Only whole foods without grains, wheat, dairy… It made me start thinking about my personal eating habits and what I should be eating.  I came home today craving something a little healthier.

Tuna Cakes/Patties (Clean Eating)

The bus ride home lead me to a major Pinterest search for inspiration.  I looked up ‘Clean Eating’ and came up with a dozen recipes that looked good and healthy.  From that, I came across a variation of these delicious bites.  I had everything I needed in my kitchen and it was easy to make.  I made a few adjustments and came up with my personal take on ‘Tuna Cakes/Patties’.

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Recipe: Curried Broccoli & Chicken Casserole


As a kid, I absolutely adored White Spot.  My family would take me there and I would always order a milkshake.  I considered it such a treat, since they gave you a glass as well as another cup.  The one dish I always remember my mom ordering when we went to White Spot was the Curried Broccoli & Chicken.  Mind you, she calls it “Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese”.  Appropriate if  you consider the main ingredients in it.  The taste of curry is light, creamy and cheesy – it taste absolutely delicious with rice.

For years, I’ve been making my own version of this dish based on what I thought was in it.  However, White Spot recently published a cook book with the recipe to this classical favourite amongst its glossy pages.  What is below is my personal take on the classic recipe – I added a few things and changed a few things around.  My mom would always order extra sauce – which rarely available – so this recipe makes an extra saucy casserole.

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