About CocoMeChanel
CocoMeChanel is a Vancouver based food, lifestyle and travel blog created by Chanel L. Not only does Chanel explore food from around the world, it is also a public forum for travel related thoughts, adventures and daily happenings that have to do with a day in the life of.  I hope that the content of CocoMeChanel intrigues you and motivates you to try something new, whether it be related to culinary adventures or lifestyle.

About Chanel
Chanel is a native Vacouverite, having been born and raised in Vancouver, BC.  She has developed a taste for good food as well as having cultivated a bit of a travel bug.  From 9 to 5, Chanel works as a clinical and research assistant, combining her background in science, business and marketing.  However, her hobbies consists of the après – i.e. visiting every nook and cranny of her hometown, Chaneltravelling, photography and anything ado with good food.

Always curious, Chanel sees the world around her as an adventure and a story that needs to be told.

This blog combines Chanel’s love of food and cooking, travel and life effectively into one creative outlet.  As a self proclaimed lover of food – sometime called a foodie – Chanel hopes to share her experiences and finds with those who want to sample something new or who are looking for things to try.

Follow along to discover some new gems in the restaurants or taste a variety of different recipes that will grace your kitchen counter.  We will explore the culinary and wander through cities. Enjoy.

Live. Laugh. Love. & Eat.


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For general inquires or any other inquires, please e-mail me by completing the below boxes.


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