Recipe: Writing a Food Blog

Today’s post is a little atypical of this blog thus far.  After about a month of posts, I wanted to write what I’ve learnt thus far about food blogging.  It may not be much, but I hope this will be an ongoing project that can be used as a point of reference sometime in the future.

That being said, the first thing I learnt while creating this blog is:
1. Take pictures of everything
What’s everything? I would say that everything is: the food (at different angles), the menu, the location, the inside of the restaurant, the entrance of the restaurant, and your place setting, etc. As you’re sitting in front of your computer composing a post, you never know what pictures will turn out or what you will want to talk about now that the meal is over. It’s always better to take too many photos rather than not enough.

2. Know what you ate and the prices
A quick poll of my friends/fellow bloggers and readers told me that they are always interested to know how much dishes costs and what the price range of the restaurant was. It’s possible to develop a rating scale of sorts after you’ve been to enough restaurants (think UrbanSpoon). This was a learning process for me and I’ve started to take pictures of my bill and the menu to compensate.

3. Find inspiration (from other blogs)
If you’re just starting any sort of blog, it’s good to read around and see what others have done. Look to those that you enjoy reading and figure out why. Is it their layout? format? the tone of voice they use? Whatever it is, take elements from your favourites, redefine it and emulate your own unique version of what makes a good blog. We learn by example then by doing.

4. Find your voice and don’t be afraid to go back and edit
Everyone will have a different style of writing. You might be more conversational, funny or informative. That’s ok. Whatever it is, if you’re comfortable writing it and reading it back to yourself, then that’s what matters. If you write something and publish it right away but have added things – go back and edit! It’s ok. If there’s more to know about that amazing recipe or restaurant or you’ve been back and things have changed… tell people. Edit your post. People will get it. Content is good.

5. Don’t eat alone
This goes back to what my grandma told me as a child. Meals shared are always best. Plus: then you will be able to try more things and take more pictures. But seriously, when you try more and go with someone else, you can give a more rounded and a little bit of a less bias review. It’s your blog but it’s good to know what there is beyond the one dish in front of you.

6. Always be hungry
I don’t mean all the time – but don’t go to a restaurant after snacking or drinking a few beers.  You’ll be too full to enjoy the meal and won’t be able to give a good review of the food.  Seriously though, when you’re full, do you really want to show more food into your mouth to eat? So go to the restaurant hungry and with a healthy appetite.

That’s about all I have for now.  This may be an ongoing process of what makes for a good food blog. But, until then….

xo Chanel


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