Eats: Vancouver has 4300 restaurants and counting


Growing up, my grandma always told me that everything was always done better on a full stomach.  So I thought, what could be better than sharing a meal?  Maybe a meal where you can simply enjoy without the clean up that inevitably follows cooking at home?

Restaurants. Dining out. Vancouver is well known for its extensive list of restaurants (4,300 as of 2009 according to Small Business BC) and remarkably good food.  Keep in mind, this number doesn’t include fast-food, but dine-in only.

I’m fortunate enough that I’ve grown up with a family that loves to eat out.  Along with that, I just like trying new places and different foods.  I’m one of those people who pulls their phone out right before they eat and snap a few pictures. These pictures rarely go on Instagram – I just like the way the dish is presented.  Don’t laugh.  I’ve always been told that you eat with not just your mouth but with your eyes.  A visually appealing, well presented dish seems just as good as one that you can savour in taste.

In the restaurant section of this blog, I’ll share my dining experiences with you (both in Vancouver, BC and in other places around cette belle terre).  I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you, one bite and snapshot at a time.

xo Chanel


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